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The way I found out about DNA Y-Chromosome testing was in an article in the New Yorker, entitled "The Tree of Me" by John Seabrook.  The article is in the 26 March 2001 issue.  This is where I got the idea to put together the Laymon/Layman DNA Project.  You might want to check this article out.  

I recently read Paul Sykes' book "The Seven Daughters of Eve".  It is primarily about his research on Mitochondral DNA which women pass to their children, but has several chapters on the Y-Chromosome also.  It is an excellent read and Paul explains difficult concepts in molecular genetics so they are understandable.

There are two very interesting books on DNA studies in the British Isles.  One is by Paul Sykes called "Blood of the Isles" is very interesting.  The other, by Stephen Oppenheimer is titled "The Origins of the British" and combines DNA with liguistics and tradition archeology.  It is a bit denser, but also very interesting.  Their bottom line results are similar - most people in the British Isles descend from a group who spent the last Ice Age in southern France and northern Spain and then expanded north as the Ice melted.

I'll post other non-web information on this issue on this page from time to time as I come across it.  If you have any news you'd like to submit to this page, please contact me at


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