Laymon/Layman/Lemon DNA Project 

Layman Family Lines - Groups 2 & 3

The original three Laymans in this study are descended from men who lived in southwestern Germany, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Tennessee between 1700 and 1800.  At this point, we are considering them as two separate groups, though they may have a common origin.  Both of these groups are of the Western European Celtic Haplotype.

Group 2

Jerry Layman is from a different family line that immigrated from Hunspach in Alsace around 1730.  There are currently 27 members who fit in or near this group.  This family settled and stayed in Frederick Co., MD.  Jerry is now joined by Kenneth Lemmon who has traced his ancestors back to Maryland and then on to the British Isles.  Jerry, Kenneth, George H. Lemmon, Iain Lamont, Charles William Layman, Richard John Lemen, and James Eldridge Lemon match perfectly and they are 2 repeats away from Earl Layman's line.  On average, Jerry and Ken would have had a common ancestor with Earl and the others about 700 to 800 years ago.  In our most recent additions Thomas Earl Lehman who lived near Hunspach in Alsace, France tested only 1 repeat away from Jerry Layman who has traced his family back to Hunspach!  This is the first time we have been able to connect a family in the 'New World' with one in the 'Old World'.  

Terry Lemons also fits in with this sub-group, also testing 1 repeat away from Jerry and Kenneth.  He traces his family back to John Lemon of northern Rockingham Co., NC about 1750.  John Lemonds and Frank D. Lemons, who's ancestor, William Lemonds, lived on Trouublesome Creek at the southern end of Rockingham Co., NC at the same time.  This test result shows that they were probably related, but were probably not brothers or first cousins, as they differ from Terry on 2 repeats.

William L. Lemmon and Jack M. Lemmon are descended from Robert Lemmon (born in Tyrone Co., Ireland) and Eleanor Davis from Maryland.

Joe B. Layman is descended from a Layman family in Butler Co., OH in 1820's.  Dale LeMond who is descended from a LeMond family in Cumberland Co., PA and  Hamilton and Butler Co., OH.  Dale and Joe have similar DNA (2 repeats away) and may be from the same family.  Rick White who is a descendent of the Lamont Clan in Scotland are also 2 repeats away from Jerry, Ken, George, and James E.

Wayne Lemon is descended from William Lemon and Martha Miller.  David E. Lemon who is descended from Robert Lemon and Mary McKown is a perfect match for Wayne indicating a very close relationship.  Fred H. Lamon also matches this sub-group.  He is descended from George Lamon Sr who was most likely the son of James Lemon who was born in County Tryone, Ireland about 1710.  


Group 3

Earl and David Layman are from one family, and are certain that they have a common ancestor, Jacob Layman (b PA, 1758, d TN, 1841).  Earl Layman has traced his line back to Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania in the early 1700s, when the major immigration from the Palatines (Alsace region of Germany/France) occurred and to Switzerland before that.   This family moved on to Virginia and then to Tennessee after the Revolutionary War.  Earl Laymon has done extensive research on his family and has written a book "From the Emmental to Eldee: A History of the Layman Family" which he published in 2001.  It is very interesting reading, and is recommended for all Layman family researchers.  You can contact Earl at

We currently have 23 participants in this group.  They range in spelling from LaMance to Lemmon to Layman to Laymon.  Jack LaMance is from a Morgan Co., TN family who came from South Carolina, and possibly originally from Maryland.  Doug La Mance is also probably descended from this same family.  Leonard Lemmon and Haskell Lemon are descendents of John Lemon who moved from York Co., PA (probably) to Rockingham Co., VA to Washington Co., TN to Greene Co., KY where he died before 1820.  This John is known to many researchers as Lemon's Bend John, after the bend in the Greene River in KY where he lived.  Charles R. Layman is descended from a John Layman who settled in Carroll Co., TN.  Robert Fleming and Gene Lemmon are descended from Peter Lemmon who lived in Orange Co., NC and later Sumner Co., TN and before that from Henry Leman, who settled in Orange Co., NC and who was apparently a son of Peter Leman who immigrated from Germany in early 1700s.  Mike Layman is descended from Christopher Layman and David Layman who live in Jefferson Co., TN in the early 1800s.  Millard Lemon and Paul D. Lemon are 5th cousins once removed and are descended from Isaac Lemon and Vina Richardson who lived in Franklin Co., VA in the 1790s.  Claude Laymon is a descendent of John Layman who married Nancy Gann and lived in Washington Co., TN in 1790s prior to moving to Hamilton Co., TN.  They are all believed to be descendents the Peter Leman who settled in Lancaster Co., PA around 1718 or his relatives.  Meryl Lemen recently tested and was an exact match for this group but interestingly he traces back his ancestry to Nicholas and Robert Lemen from Northern Ireland and the British Isles in the 1600s.  There is no evidence to his line being descended from the above mentioned Peter Leman.


Layman/Lemmon Line

Group 2

Jerry B. Layman (b Augusta Co., VA, 1941) is a descendent of

Albert Freed Layman (b Augusta Co., VA, 1910; d Waynesboro, VA, 1979)

John Henry Layman (b Augusta Co., VA, 1869; d Crimora, VA, 1914)

George Washington Layman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1835; d Crimora, VA, 1912)

John Lehman/Layman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1801; Waynesboro, VA, 1876)

Johann Jacob Lehman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1764; Frederick Co., MD, 1843)

Phillip Jacob Lehman (b Hunpach, Alsace, abt. 1725; d Frederick Co., MD, abt 1782)

Nichous Lehman (b Hunpach, Alsace, abt. 1700)

Father not known.


Kenneth Ronald Lemmon (b Des Moines, IA, 1925) is a descendent of:

Rex Elwood Lemmon (b. Harvey, IA 1906; d. Grand Rapids, MI, 1980)

Wilson Franklin Lemmon (b. Attica, IA, 1866; d. Grand Rapids, MI, 1949)

George Washington Lemmon (b. Lousiville, KY, 1842; d. Marion Co., IA, 1869)

Elias Lemmon (b. Baltimore Co., MD, 1808; d. Green Co., IA, 1891)

Thomas Lemmon (b. Baltimore Co., MD, 1770; d. Floyd Co., IN, 1854)

John Lemmon Sr. (b. Baltimore Co., MD, 1740; d. Baltimore Co., MD, 1811)

Alexis/Electius Lemmon (b. Ireland/Scotland/England, 1718; d. Baltimore Co., MD, 1786)

John Lemmon (b. Ireland/Scotland/England)

Father not known.


George H. Lemmon is a descendent of:

Guy Elmar Lemmon (b SD, 1892; d 1922)

Michael Lemmon (b Marion Co., IA, 1850; d Los Angeles Co., CA, 1922)

Elias Lemmon (b MD, 1808; d Green Co., IA, 1891)

Thomas Lemmon (b MD, 1770; d Floyd Co., IN, 1854)

John Lemmon (b Baltimore, MD, 1740; d Baltimore, MD, 1811)

Alexis/Electius Lemmon (b. England, 1718; d. Baltimore Co., MD, 1786)

Father not known


James Eldridge Lemon (b Roanoke City, VA, 1932) is descended from:

James Ephraim Lemon (b Roanoke City, VA, 1910; d  Roanoke City, VA, 1976)

James Andrew Lemon (b Botetourt Co., VA, 1886; d Botetourt Co., VA, 1959)

Ephraim Lemon (b Botetourt Co., VA, 1863; d Botetourt Co., VA, 1952)

William B. Lemon (b Botetourt Co., VA, abt 1827; d Botetourt Co., VA, bef. 1880)

Christian Lemon (b Botetourt Co., VA, 1803; d Botetourt Co., VA, 1874)

George Lemon (b probably MD, 1760; d Botetourt Co., VA, 1854)

George Lemon (b 1729/31, Germany or PA; d MD, 1786/99)

John Christian Lehman (b Lachen, Germany, 1696/98; d 1748/49, in PA)

Jacob Lehman (b Germany or Switzerland; d Lachen, Germany, 1710)


Iain Lamont lives in England and his earliest ancestor he knows of is his grandfather who lived on the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland in the mid-19th Century.


Charles William Layman (b Roanoke, VA) is a descendent of:

Parker Wood Layman (b VA)

Lester L. Layman (b Catawba, Roanoke Co., VA)

Phillip Layman (b Catawba, Roanoke Co., VA)

John Layman (b VA)


Richard John Lemen (b Lake Charles Parish, LA, 1942) is a descendent of:

William Foster Lemen (b Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., AR, 1914; d Lafayette, LA, 1992)

William Issac Lemen (b Livingston Co., KY, 1882; d Jefferson Co., AR, 1951)

Anson David Lemen (b Livingston Co., KY, 1856; d Jefferson Co., AR, 1920)

Elisha F. Lemen (b East Feliciana Parish, LA, 1819; d Livingston Co., KY, 1890)

William Lemen (b Cumberland Co., PA, 1782; d Livingston Co., KY, 1832)

father not certain.


Leonard Lowell Lehman (b Maricopa Co., AZ, 1932) is a descendent of:

Laurence Lincoln Lehman (b Montgomery Co., MD, 1902; d  Cherokee Co, OK, 1989)

Samuel Augustus Lehman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1862; d Montgomery Co., MD, 1945)

Jacob Layman (b PA, 1825; d Montgomery Co., MD, 1912)

Henry Layman (b MD?, 1794; d Frederick Co., MD, 1856)

Jacob Layman (b Dauphin co., PA, 1764; d Frederick Co., MD, 1843)

Phillip Jacob Layman (b Germany, lived in Hunspach); d Frederick Co., MD, 1782)

Nichlaus Leheman (b Niederhorbach, Germany; d bef. 1741)

Father unknown.


John Henry Lehman Jr. (b MD, 1922) is a descendent of:

John Henry Lehman Sr. (b Hagerstown, MD, 1898; d)

William Barton Lehman (b Hagerstown, MD, 1855; d Hagerstown, MD, 1940)

Henry Funk Lehman (b Hagerstown, MD, 1829; d Hagerstown, MD, 1898)

Jacob Bear Lehman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1805; d Hagerstown, MD, 1866)

John Lehman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1783; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1868)

John Lehman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1743; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1824)

Peter Lehman (b Switzerland, ?; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1749)


Ron Layman (b 1934, PA, is descended from:

William Leslie Layman (b PA, 1910; d Las Vegas, NV, 1993)

Leslie George Layman (b PA 1882; d PA, 1916)

John Henry Layman (b Hagerstown, MD, 1850; d Greencastle, PA, 1923)

William Layman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1818; d Greencastle, PA, 1907)

Heinrich (Henry) Layman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1793; d Frederick Co., MD, 1856)

Jacob Layman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1764; d Utica Mills, MD, 1843)

Phillip Jacob Lehman (b Hunspach, Alsace, bef 1710; d Frederick Co., MD, 1792)

Nickhaus Lehman

Father not known


John Morgan Lemonds is a descendent of

John Everett Lemonds (b 1914; d 1994)

John Elmus Lemonds (b 1878; d )

Jerome Lemons (b TN 1844)

Joseph Lemons (b Rockingham Co., NC 1775)

George Lemons (b Rockingham Co., NC abt 1760)

William Lemons (b abt 1736 - lived on Troublesome Ck., Rockingham Co., NC)


Frank D. Lemons is a descendent of

William Lemons (b abt 1736 - lived on Troublesome Ck., Rockingham Co., NC)


Nolan Lemons is a descendent of:

Clarence Levi Lemons (b Marshall Co., OK, 1885; d Marshall Co., OK 1965)

William A. Lemons (b Montgomery Co., AR, abt 1858; d aft 1913)

James B. Lemmons (b TN, abt 1809; d Polk Co., AR, bef 1869)

William Lemmons (b bef 1781; d Battle of New Orleans, 1814)


Terence 'Terry' Dean Lemons (b Boston, MA, 1956) is a descendent of:

Jack Otho Lemons (b Birch Tree, MO, 1923)

Clarence Otho Lemons (b Shannon Co., MO, 1890)

Alexander Alonzo Lemons (b Shannon Co., MO, 1861)

James Arden Lemons (b Rockingham Co., NC, 1819)

John Lemons (b Rockingham Co., NC, 1791)

Alexander Lemons (b Guilford Co., NC, 1761)

John Lemons (b abt 1738; d Rockingham Co., NC, 1810) who was a drummer in the American Revolution.  


Jed Wesley Lemmons (b 1943, OK) is a descendent of:

Lawrence Frederick Lemmons (b 1919, Hendricks Co., IN; d 1965, OK)

Lester O. Lemmons (b 1895, Worth Co., MO; d 1976, OK)

George W. Lemmons (b 1871, Vigo Co., IN; d 1909, Worth Co., MO)

Thomas B. Lemmons (b 1837, Vigo Co., IN; d 1918, Worth Co., MO)

William Lemmons Jr. (b abt 1788, PA; d 1875, Vigo Co., IN)

William Lemmons Sr. (b abt 1765; d 1818, Harrison Co., KY)


Gary W. Lemon is a descendent of:

Frederic George Lemon (b 1898, Little Rock, AR)

William Frederic Lemon (b 1874, Richmond, VA)

Frederic George Lemon (b 1850 Montague, Prince Edwards Island, Canada)

John Lemon (b 1822, St. George, Bermuda)

Robert Lemon (b 1792, Kilmore Parish, County Armagh, Ireland)

John Lemon (1750s in Cloonroot, County Armagh, Ireland)


Thomas Earl Lehman (b  ) is a descendent of:

Thomas Dale Lehman

Earl Anthony Lehman (b 1903)

Francis Martin Lehman (b 1871; d 1938)

Joseph Christian Lehmann (b Stark Co., OH; d Montgomery Co., OH)

Michel Lehmann (b 1790, prob Schirrhein, Alsace, France; d 1835; Montgomery Co., OH)

Michel Lehmann (b 1760/70; d 1838, Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France

Johannes/Jean Michel Lehmann (b abt 1738; d Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France)


James Richard Lemon (b 1942, Kalamazoo, MI) is a descendent of:

Richard Harris Lemon (b 1921, Kalamazoo, MI; d 1991, Kalamazoo, MI)

Glen Henry Lemon (b 1877, Kalamazoo, MI; d 1955, Kalamazoo, MI)

Herny Clay Lemon (b 1852, Kalamazoo, MI; d 1911)

Charles Henry Lemon (b 1822, prob Canada; d 1910, Kalamazoo, MI)

Alexander Lemon (b 1794, Ontario, Canada; d 1876, MI)

Joseph Lemon (b 1769; d 1837)

Jacob Joseph Lemon (b 1743, Sussex Co., NJ; d 1816, Ontario, Canada)

Joseph Lemon (b 1718; d 1792, Sussex Co., NJ)


Robert E. Lemon (b 1939) in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, is a descendent of

T.W.S.J. Hugo Lemon (b 1904) Manitoba, Canada

Samuel Henry Lemon (b 1877) Dorset, U.K.

Rev. John Lemon (b 1839) Kennington, London, U.K.

Samuel Buller Lemon (b 1802) Isles of Scilly, U.K.

Samuel Lemon (b 1774) Cornwall, U.K.

Samuel Lemon (b 1745) Cornwall, U.K.

Samuel Lemon (b 1705) Cornwall, U.K.

William Lemon (b abt 1670) ?

Father not known


Joe B. Layman is descended from

Oliver Wendell Layman (b Alameda Co., CA 1894; d San Francisco Co., CA 1952)

Joseph Dieffenbach Layman (b Davis Co., OH 1862; d Alameda Co., CA 1959)

John Fry Layman (b Butler Co., OH 1834; d San Joaquin Co., CA, 1922)

John Laymon (b abt 1810; d abt 1840)


Dale LeMond is descended from:

Claude LeMond (b Jack Co., TX, 1903; d Beckham Co., OK, 1968)

William E. LeMond (b Orange Co., IN, 1862; d Beckham Co., OK, 1925)

William C. LeMond (b Lafayett Co., MO, 1833; d TX, abt 1875)

Clark B. LeMond (b Hamilton Co., OH 1809; d Wright Co., MO)

William LeMond (b Cumberland Co., PA, 1754; d Butler Co., OH; 1827)

William Lemond/Lamond (b ?, abt 1730; d Cumberland Co., PA, 1769)


Rick White is descended from the Lamont Clan in Scotland


William L. Lemmon (b Bannock Co., ID, 1932) is descended from:

Guy LeRoy Lemmon (b Salt Lake Co., UT, 1902; d King Co., WA, 1961)

Washington Lemmon (b Salt Lake Co.,UT 1879; d Bannock Co., ID, 1945)

Oliver Perry Lemmon (b IL, 1843; d Salt Lake Co.,UT, 1894)

Washington Lemmon (b Shelby Co., KY, 1806; d Salt Lake Co., UT 1902)

James Lemmon (b MD?, 1763; d Dallas Co., TX, 1857)

Robert Lemmon (b Ireland?, 1730; d Shelby Co., KY, abt 1800) md. Eleanor Davis

Father unknown


Jack M. Lemmon (b Tarrant Co., TX 1964) is a descendent of:

Hugh A. Lemmon Jr. (b Ellis Co., TX, 1934; d Denton Co. TX, 1993)

Hugh A. Lemmon (b Ellis Co., TX, 1907; d Navarro Co., TX, 1975)

Arthur Jackson Lemmon (b Ellis Co., TX, 1888; d Navarro Co., TX 1930)

Jackson Lemmon (b Adam Co., IL, 1835; d Navarro Co., TX, 1905)

James Lemmon (b Haggerston PA/MD, 1769; d Dallas Co., TX, 1858)

Robert Lemmon (b Tyrone Co., Ireland?, abt 1730; d Shelby Co., KY, abt 1800) md. Eleanor Davis

Father unknown


Wayne Lemon is descended (grandson of) from:

William Harrison Lemon (b 1832; d 1922)

John Andrew Miller Lemon (b 1803, Scott Co., KY; d 1863, Bloomington, IN)

William Lemon (b 1783, PA?; d 1838, Lawrence Co., IN; md Martha Miller)

James Lemon Jr. (b 1750/53; d 1832, Lexington, KY)

James Lemon Sr. (b abt 1710, County Tryone, Ireland; d PA)

father unknown


Fred H. Lamon (b Allen Co., OH 1943) is descended from:

Joshua Howard Lamon (b Berkeley Co., WV, 1916; d Columbus, OH 1994)

John Ward Lamon (b Jefferson Co., VA 1862; d Franklin Co., OH 1937)

*George Milton Lamon (b Millcreek, Berkeley Co., WV 1832; d Millcreek, Berkeley Co., WV 1913)

George Lamon Jr. (b Bunker Hill, Berkeley Co., WV 1797; d Millcreek, Berkeley Co., WV 1863)

George Lamon Sr. (b abt 1756; d Gerrardstown, Berkeley Co., VA 1826)

James Lemon (b County Tryone, Ireland abt 1710; d PA)

father unknown

* George Milton Lamon was the brother of Ward Hill Lamon who was the body guard and friend of Abraham Lincoln.


David E. Lemon (b 1957) is descended from:

Floyd Lemon (b Harris Co., TX 1928)

Guy W. Lemon (b Harris Co., TX 1907; d Harris Co., TX 1979)

John J. Lemon (b Benton Co., MO 1872; d Harris Co., TX 1946)

John B. Lemon (b Moniteau Co., MO 1829; d Benton Co., MO 1898)

John C. Lemon (b Scott Co., KY 1791; d Boone Co., MO 1869)

Robert Lemon (b Co. Tyrone, Ireland 1752; d Boone Co., MO 1848; md Mary McKown)

James Lemon (b Ireland abt 1710)

father unknown.


Layman Family Lines:

Group 3

Earl Layman (b Knox Co., TN, 1932) is a descendent of :

William Earl Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1900; d Knox Co., TN, 1974)

James Mitchell Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1844; d Sevier Co., TN, 1907)

Preston Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1821; d Sevier Co., TN, 1892)

Jacob Layman (b Berks Co., PA, 1758; d Sevier Co., TN, 1841)

George Leaman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1732/33; d VA or TN, bet. 1790-98)

Jacob Leaman (b Europe, 1705/06; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1742)

Peter Leman (b Switzerland, abt 1666; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1741)

Father Not Known


Jack Andrew LaMance (b. Morgan Co., TN, 1911) is a descendent of:

Jacob Andrew LaMance (b Morgan Co., TN, 1875; d. Morgan Co., TN, 1959)

Isaac J. LaMance (b Morgan Co., TN, 1825; d. Morgan Co., TN, 1897)

John W. Laymance (b Morgan Co., TN, 1807; d. Morgan Co., TN, 1880)

John Laymance/Lemmons/Leamon (b. MD?, 1760/70; d. Morgan Co., TN, 1837) (his earlier children were born in SC).

Father not known.


Doug La Mance (b )


Leonard James Lemmon - is a descendent of:

Owen Lemmon

William H. Lemmon

James H. Lemmon (b KY, abt 1831; d 1875)

John O./Q Lemmon (b Washington Co., TN, 1792; d Taylor Co., KY, 1854)

John Lemmon Jr. (b ?, 1773; d KY, 1813)

John Lemmon Sr. (b PA?, abt 1740; d Greene Co., KY, probably lived in York Co., PA, lived in Rockingham Co., VA and Washington Co., TN).

Father possibly Rudolph Lemen (b ?; d York Co., PA)

Father not known.


Haskell Lemon is a descendent of:

Clifford Lemon (  )

Gaines Lemon (b MO, abt 1866; d?)

Robert Stewart Lemon (b Pike Co., MO, 1834; d ?)

Jacob Lemon (b KY, 1800; d Pike Co., MO, 1855)

Abraham Lemon (b ?; d Greene Co., KY, bef 1802)

John Lemon Sr. (b PA?, abt 1740; d Greene Co., KY, probably lived in York Co., PA, lived in Rockingham Co., VA and Washington Co., TN)

Father possibly Rudolph Lemen (b ?; d York Co., PA)

Father not known.


Charles R. Layman Jr. is descended from

Charles R. Layman Sr.

John Layman who settled in Carroll Co., TN.


Robert A. Fleming (DNA donor) and Barbara Fleming (researcher) are descendents of:

Robert K. Fleming (b. Newton Gregory Lemmon)

Newton Everett Lemmon Jr. (b. Hawaii, 1896; d. Soap Lake, WA, 1959)

Newton Everett Lemmon Sr. (b. Spring Lake, WI, 1870; d. Los Angeles, CA, 1910)

William Berry Lemmon Jr. (b. Green Co., IN, 1839; d. Spring Lake, WI, ?)

William Berry Lemmon Sr. (b. Sumner Co., TN, 1805; d. Crawford Co., IL, ?)

John Lemmon (b. Orange Co., NC, 1780; d. Adams Co., IL, 1846)

Peter Lemmon (b. ?, 1751; d. Sumner Co., TN, 1816)

Henry Lemmon (b bef 1721; d Orange Co., NC, abt 1779)

Peter Leman (b Switzerland, abt 1666; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1741)

Father not known.


Gene Lemmon (b. Davis Co., IA, 1925) is a descendent of

Earl Earsk Lemmon (b 1893; d 1978)

Charles Samuel Lemmon (b 1853; d 1912)

Marcus Holobush Lemmon (b Sumner Co., TN, 1820; d Davis Co., IA, 1884)

John Lemmon (b Orange Co., NC, 1780; d Adams Co., IL, 1846)

Peter Lemmon Sr. (b abt 1751; d Sumner Co., TN, 1816)

Henry Lemmon (b bef 1721; d Orange Co., NC, abt 1779)

Peter Leman (b Switzerland, abt 1666; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1741)

Father not known


Claude Laymon (b 1915 ) is a descendent of :

Sam Laymon (b 1888)

John Anderson Laymon (b 1863, Sequatchie Co., TN)

Mitchell Laymon (b 1836, Hamilton Co., TN; d 1879, Sequatchie Co., TN)

John Layman (b 1893/94, Washington Co., TN; d aft 1870, Hamilton Co., TN)

John Layman (b 1750/60; d 1849, Hamilton Co., TN; md Nancy Gann.


Carl Dean Laman (b 1946; Eddy Co., NM) is a descendent of:

Roy Carl Laman (b 1915, Mason Co., TX; d 1994, Eddy Co., NM)

Willie Jackson Laman (b 1887; Lincoln Co., NM; d 1980, Eddy Co., NM)

Robert Jackson Laman (b 1866, Bosque Co., TX; d 1894, Menard Co., TX)

George Allen Laman (b 1795, TN; d 1892, Otero Co., NM)


Norman Laman (b 1919, Allen Co., OH)

Levi Elliot Laman (b 1891, Allen Co., OH; d 1969, Allen Co., OH)

Joseph Franklin Laman (b 1861, Allen Co., OH; d 1942, Allen Co., OH)

Joseph Laman (b 1832, PA; d 1905, Allen Co., OH)

Jacob Laman (b 1805, PA; d 1850, Allen Co., OH)

Father not known


David M. Leaman (b 1934, Lancaster Co., PA)

Benjamin D. Leaman (b 1903, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1985, Lancaster Co., PA)

Benjamin F. Leaman (b 1879, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1953, Lancaster Co., PA)

Tobias D. Leaman (b 1853, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1931, Lancaster Co., PA)

Tobias K. Leaman (b 1817, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1859, Lancaster Co., PA)

Benjamin Leaman (b 1787, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1857, Lancaster Co., PA)

Abraham Leaman (b abt 1746, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1817, Lancaster Co., PA)

John Leaman (b abt 1726, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1759, Lancaster Co., PA)

Peter Leman (b abt 1666, Switzerland; d 1741, Lancaster Co., PA, )

Father Not Known


James W. Lamon (b 1962, Orange Co., CA ) is a descendent of:

James O. Lamon (b 1918, Crawford Co., IN; d 1993, Crawford Co., IN)

Chester A. Lamon (b 1893, Crawford Co., IN; d 1968, Crawford Co., IN)

George W. Lamon (b 1866, Crawford Co., IN; d 1928, Crawford Co., IN)

Aaron Lamon (b 1820, TN; d 1896, Crawford Co., IN)

Samuel Lamon (b abt 1790, Washington Co., TN; d?)

David Lamon (b abt 1744; d 1829, Washington Co., TN)

probably Rudolph Lamon (d York Co., PA)

David Lamon - b. abt 1744, probable son of Rudolph Leman of York Co., PA - Lived in York Co., PA; Shenendoah Co., VA; and Washington Co., TN. d. 1829 in Washington Co., TN.  Descendents in IN, TN, and AL.


Robert Thomas Lemon (b 1944, Norristown, PA) is a descendent of

Jasper Earl Lemon (b 1899, Montgomery Co., VA; d 1992, Allentown, PA)

Crawford Turner Lemon (b 1846, Floyd Co., VA; d 1940, Roanoke, VA)

Isaac Lemon Jr. (b 1806, Franklin Co., VA; d 1896, Floyd Co., VA)

Isaac Lemon Sr. (b abt 1753; d 1833, Franklin Co., VA)


Charles Edwin Lemons (b Dallas Co., MO 1934) is a descendent of:

Charles Elbert Lemons (b Custer Co., CO 1884; d Bonneville Co. ID 1960)

Robert Matthais Lemons (b KY 1838; d Texas Co., MO 1911)

Father unknown


Orin Lemons (b Wright Co., MO 1934) is a descendent of:

Elmer Earnest Lemons (b Wright Co., MO 1895; d Wright Co., MO 1978)

James Thomas Lemons (b MO 1871; d Wright Co., MO 1934)

Thomas Jefferson Lemons (b near St Louis, MO 1849; d Wright Co., MO 1914)

Isaac Lemons (b Hardin Co., KY 1803; d ?)

Abraham Lemons (b 1850/60; d Hart Co., KY abt 1836)

Father not known


Meryl R. Lemen Jr. (b Germany 1958) is a descendent of:

Meryl R. Lemen Sr. (b Hutchinson KS 1933)

Samuel Edward Lemen Jr. (b Clinton MO 1893)

Samuel Edward Lemen Sr. (b Warsaw IN 1865)

John Reynolds Lemen Jr. (b Clark Co. OH 1816)

John Reynolds Lemen Sr. (b Berkeley Co. VA 1783)

Alexander Lemen (b Berkeley Co. VA 1738)

John Lemen (b Eastern VA 1715)

James Lemen (b Northern Ireland 1687)

Nicholas Lemen (b Northern Ireland 1657)

Robert Lemen (b Scotland/England 1630)

Father not known.


Paul D. Lemon (b MI 1962) is a decendent of:

Oliver W. Lemon (b MI 1924)

Benjamin L. Lemon (b MI 1887; d MI 1929)

Charles L. Lemon (b MI 1846; d MI 1911)

Benjamin Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA 1817; d MI 1885)

William Lemmon (b Franklin Co., VA 1787; d MI 1851)

Isaac Lemon (b ?, abt 1753; d Franklin Co., VA, 1833)

Father not known.


Daniel Lehman is a descendent of:

Walter Lehman Jr. (b 1928, Franklin Co., PA; )

Walter Lehman (b 1901, Franklin Co., PA; d 1980, Franklin Co., PA)

David B. Lehman (b 1872, Franklin Co., PA; d 1946, Franklin Co., PA)

John D. Lehman (b 1837, Franklin Co., PA; d 1900. Franklin Co., PA)

Peter H. Lehman (b 1799, Franklin Co., PA; d 1875, Franklin Co., PA)

Daniel Lehman (b 1776; d 1847, Franklin Co., PA)

Peter Lehman (b 1734, Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., PA; d 1807, Lancaster Co., PA)

Hans/John Lehman (b abt 1700, Switzerland; d 1771, Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., PA; probably arrived in Philidelphia on Adverture Galley 2 Oct 1727 from Rotterdam)


Curtis C. Layman (b ) is a descendent of:

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John Layman (b abt 1825, Sevier Co., TN; d 1869,  md Virena Thurmond in Sevier Co., TN)

Michael Laymon (b 1806, Sevier Co., TN; aft 1850, IA?)

Jacob Layman (b Berks Co., PA, 1758; d Sevier Co., TN, 1841)

George Leaman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1732/33; d VA or TN, bet. 1790-98)

Jacob Leaman (b Europe, 1705/06; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1742)

Peter Leman (b Switzerland, abt 1666; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1741)

Father Not Known


Michael Scott Layman (b. 1965) is a descendent of:

Charles Raymond Layman (b. San Bernardino Co., CA, 1934)

Joseph Robert Layman (b. Sweet Springs, MO, 1882)

Joseph Christopher Layman (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1844)

Henry Layman (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1814)

John Christopher Layman (b. Hamilton Co., TN, abt. 1773; d Jefferson Co., TN, abt 1835)

David Layman (b. Lancaster Co., PA, 1736; d Jefferson Co., TN, 1817)

Jacob Layman (b Europe, abt 1706; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1742)

Peter Laman (b Europe, abt 1666; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1741)

Father not known.


David M. Layman (b FL, 1955) is the descendent of

James H. Layman (b AR, 1921; d West Palm Beach, FL, 1990)

Tom  D. Layman (b Roe, AR 1885; d DeFuniak Springs, FL, 1966)

Thomas Harvey Layman (b Hamilton Co., TN, 1851; d Van Dyke Co., AR, 1919)

Ambrose Wheeler Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1810; d Benton Co., AR, 1886)

Jacob Layman (b Berks Co., PA, 1758; d Sevier Co., TN, 1841)

George Leaman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1732/33; d VA or TN, bet. 1790-98)

Jacob Leaman (b Europe, 1705/06; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1742)

Peter Leman (b Switzerland, abt. 1666; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1741)

Father Not Known


Millard L. Lemon (b Pittsburg, PA, 1930) is a decendent of:

Leslie O'brien Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA, 1908; d Roanoke, VA, 1980)

Millard O. Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA, 1873; d Roanoke, VA, 1950)

Creed Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA, 1825; d Franklin Co., VA, 1914)

Benjamin Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA, 1791; d Franklin Co., VA, 1860)

Isaac Lemon (b ?, abt 1753; d Franklin Co., VA, 1833)

Father not known.






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